About Rhythm, Rhyme, Results


Rhythm, Rhyme, Results, LLC (RRR, pronounced “Triple R”) is a music producer and distributor headquartered in Cambridge, MA. Launched in 2006, RRR focuses on producing and distributing the most entertaining and effective educational music on the planet.

The company has won two Parents' Choice Awards, one each for its Science and Language Arts albums (the only music it submitted), as well as 5 stars from Common Sense Media.

RRR’s in-house team works collaboratively with a network of creative professionals, including lyricists, composers, vocalists, and producers. Many are graduates of Harvard University and the Berklee College of Music and reside in New York, Boston, Atlanta, and beyond. By combining rigorous education with cutting-edge music production, RRR aims to create a smarter, cooler Schoolhouse Rock*, a notion echoed by KFBK radio when they referred to RRR as "School House Rock for an older child."

The company distributes music and worksheets directly via downloads, CDs, and its own streaming music service for teachers and schools. It also sells audio through other popular channels, including iTunes and AmazonMP3.

The Challenge

An extraordinary emphasis on assessing information recollection through standardized testing and assessments has subjected teachers and students to closer scrutiny. Researchers and educators note that some of the greatest problems in classroom education are the wide disparity of preparation of students, a variety of learning problems encountered, outdated or insufficient amount of teaching materials, and a lack of teaching tools for alternative learning styles.

Textbooks alone have limited ability to engage students, and disengaged students often underachieve. We create the most engaging, informative music on the planet.

Read more on our research page.

How We Help

RRR’s academic supplements assist in addressing all of these problems as well as bridging race, gender, and socio-economic divisions. Mnemonic devices enhance retention and are particularly effective with students who have visual learning disabilities, language difficulties, or poor reading skills; they appeal to a wide range of students and permit difficult information to be presented in an appealing and memorable manner.

As more schools embrace digital content they are able to access materials with fewer capital outlays, storage issues, and problems of theft or damage. RRR’s media library grows seamlessly and can be downloaded or streamed into homes or classrooms worldwide 24 hours a day.

* Schoolhouse Rock® is a registered trademark of the American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. ("ABC"). Rhythm, Rhyme, Results, LLC is not affiliated with or endorsed by Schoolhouse Rock or ABC.