Math CD

This CD Includes

  • 10 Math songs
  • 4 versions of every song to assist with learning and performance
  • Lyrics (PDF)*
  • Custom-made quizzes, worksheets, games, and puzzles to accompany each song (PDF)*
  • * Discs contain only audio tracks. When you buy the album, we will also send you a link to download a PDF file containing lyrics, worksheets, quizzes, etc.

Note: contains 10 of the 14 songs available in the Math Collection Download.

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Our math songs cover many math subjects and will help you design your math lesson plans and keep students engaged and excited about math. Covering areas from elementary mathematics such as fractions to complex algebra and trigonometry, our mathematics songs will bring a creative, unique approach to the classroom that will help your students understand and internalize math concepts. Integrate some of these songs and activities into your math lesson plans and you'll see the results right away! Songs are most appropriate for grades 4-8 and are also great for review or extra learning material for upper grades.

Track List

  1. Rise Up (Run Out) will help you teach the mathematical concepts of graph functions and slope to the kids in your classroom. Help them learn linear equations and graphing through the various versions of this unique math song.
  2. Don’t Be Negative focuses on arithmetic and algebra concepts that involve the negative number. This math song will help students to understand addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using both positive and negative numbers.
  3. (Pump Up the) Volume focuses on geometrical figures and will help you teach your students the formulas for shapes such as cubes, cones, cylinders, spheres and rectangles! This geometry song will help kids memorize these formulas in a fun, unique way.
  4. It’s All in the Surface teaches kids formulas for surface area of spheres, cubes, boxes and cylinders. This is a great way to teach surface area in a memorable and engaging fashion!
  5. Circumference (It Just Makes Sense) teaches the geometry principle of the circumference of a circle. This song will help students understand the concepts of pi and radius and how to find them both!
  6. How Do I (Work with Fractions)? will help you teach addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions to your students. Teaching fractions will be much easier with this song as a key part of your lesson plan!
  7. Fractions and Decimals helps in the teaching of converting fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions. Students will learn the concepts of numerator and denominator through this math song’s comprehensive lyrics.
  8. The Standard System teaches measurements. Help students learn how to convert feet into inches and yard into miles easily! The lyrics refer to real world examples to help kids grasp these measurement conversion concepts.
  9. Meters, Liters, and Grams focuses on the metric system of measurement. This math song will help kids learn how to convert centimeters to meters, grams to kilograms, and more!
  10. Inversion teaches the additive and multiplicative inverse and will help children grasp the concept of numbers and their opposites and how they relate to each other.