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Science Collection

Teach biology, chemistry, Earth science, life science, and more!

Contains: 11 songs with 4 versions of each song, lyrics, worksheets, and answer keys in PDF format. $24.99

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Our science songs cover science subjects taught in elementary school, middle school and high school, ranging from earth science and planets to biology and chemistry. Each science song can add a unique twist to your science lesson plans and help students memorize and understand scientific concepts. Teaching science will be much easier when you use our science music resources in the classroom. Appropriate for grades 4-9. Excellent for review or extra learning needs.
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Circulatory System

Teaching the circulatory system with educational music: a rap song about circulation functions and the human body.

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Lab Safety!

Teaching lab safety with educational music.

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Layers of the Earth

Teach the layers of the Earth with a rap song | Teaching earth science with music.

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Multicellular Organisms

Teaching multicellular organisms with educational music: a rap song about cells, tissues, muscles, and body systems.

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Periodic Table

Teach the first 18 elements of the Periodic Table with educational rap music

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Teaching photosynthesis with rap: an educational song about oxygen, carbon dioxide, light and dark (Calvin) cycles.

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Radiation, Conduction, Convection

Teaching heat transfer and conduction with educational music: a rap about solar radiation, convection, and conductivity.

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Sun, Earth, Moon

Teaching the “Sun, Earth, Moon" with educational music: a rap song for learning about the earth’s place in our solar system.

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The Planets

An educational song full of facts and rhymes about the planets and the solar system.

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Water Cycle

Use educational music to teach about the water cycle and how it works. Learn about rain and the hydrologic cycle.

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Weight, Mass, Volume, Density

Teaching weight, mass, volume and density with educational music: a rap song comparing and converting units.

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