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Social Studies Collection

Teach US history, government, geography, civil rights, wars, and more!

Contains: 12 Social Studies songs with 4 versions of each song, lyrics, worksheets, and answer keys in PDF format.. $29.99

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Our songs cover American history events, the US presidents, and even geography; this album is a perfect addition to any history lesson plan or curriculum for students. Our songs are appropriate for grades 4-12 and anyone studying for US citizenship.
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44 Presidents

US Presidents: a rap song to learn the 44 presidents in order of succession | view the online RRR video.

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50 States, 50 Capitals

Learn all 50 states and the 50 state capitals with educational rap | learn the 50 state abbreviations with the online RRR video.

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Bill of (Your) Rights

Teach the Bill of Rights with a rap song: educational music about the first Constitutional amendments, free speech and more.

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Civil Rights Movement

Civil Rights Movement: an educational song for teaching major events in the civil rights movement including the roles of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks.

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Countries of Africa

Learn or memorize the countries of Africa with this awesome rap song!

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Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence: a rap song about July 4th (Independence Day) and the founding fathers.

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Geography in the USA

Geography in the USA: a rap song for learning about the Great Lakes, New England, the Pacific Ocean, the Midwest, and more.

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Redcoats vs. Rebels

An educational rap song about Paul Revere, George Washington, and the American Revolution.

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The Civil War

The Civil War: a rap song for teaching about Abraham Lincoln, slaves, Confederates, and battles.

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The President’s Cabinet

An educational rap song about the federal executive departments and Presidential succession.

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The Rest of the Amendments (11-27)

An educational rap song that presents the Amendments concerning slavery, women’s rights, income tax and more.

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What Does the Constitution Do?

What Does the Constitution Do? A rap song for teaching Articles I to VII, the President, Supreme Court, Congress and more.

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