Purchase Orders

So you wanna use a Purchase Order?

If you need to add a physical address to the form, use the following:
155 Brookline Street #8
Cambridge, MA 02139
office: (617) 674-7524
(If you want to be sure we received your fax, or need more info, shoot us an email at [email protected].)

Answers to Your Questions

How do I order downloads with a PO?

Downloads are great: they cost nothing to ship, and you get them immediately.

When you order downloads, we enter the order into our system manually and send secure download links directly to the recipients, then send an invoice your billing contact.

If you are ordering for multiple teachers, please be sure your order includes:

How do I order CDs with a PO?

If you want to go old school, have no fear: we still ship you CDs.

We will enter the order into our system manually and ship you CDs, along with an invoice. We don’t charge extra for CDs, but they do incur a minimal shipping and handling charge.

To calculate S&H, please add the items to your cart on our website as if you were going to purchase them there. Proceed to the checkout, where the system will show you the shipping and handling price and the adjusted total. (Don’t worry, you cannot be charged unless you enter billing information, which isn’t needed to calculate S&H.) Please use those costs for your purchase order.

Need help? Call us at (617) 674-7524 or email [email protected].

If you are ordering CDs for a group of teachers or your entire school, you may also want to check out RRR.fm, our streaming system designed especially for schools, which provides 24/7 access to our entire library for teachers and students via computer. It rocks!

What happens after I send you a PO?

If you are ordering CDs, we will process the order, ship the CDs, and send an invoice to your billing contact.

If you are ordering downloads, we will process the order, send secure downloads to the teachers listed, and invoice your billing contact.

Are you a registered vendor in my school district?

Maybe. As a small (but mighty!) company, we usually get ourselves into each district’s database whenever we receive the first request from that area. If we’re not in your system (look for “Rhythm, Rhyme, Results“), just send us whatever forms are required–or point us to the right place online–and we’ll complete everything and submit the paperwork to your district.

If you want to speed up the process, you can email the paperwork to [email protected] or fax them to (617) 945-0830, attn: Helen Jackson.

Are you the sole-source / single-source provider?

It depends. If you want to purchase downloads of (a) individual songs or (b) subject albums (but not the box set of all four), we are not the sole source provider for those: iTunes and AmazonMP3 also sell those on our behalf.

If, however, you want to purchase a box set (download or CD form), subject album CDs, or theme collections, we are the only place to get them.

We are also the only provider of streaming audio, via RRR.fm, our custom-built solution for schools.

Have more questions about this? Email us at [email protected].