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Circulatory System

Teaching the circulatory system with educational music: a rap song about circulation functions and the human body.

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This song teaches how the human circulatory system works, including the heart, lungs, blood, arteries, veins, and capillaries. By learning the organs and parts of this body system, students will be better prepared for more in-depth study on how each component functions. The additional teaching materials and resources will assist teachers in creating appealing and informative lesson plans.

This science song is suitable for teaching circulation to elementary, middle or high school students as well as a fun introduction for college students and medical students.
Taking blood from the heart to the cells and back
Dealing with all things vascular and cardiac
Capillaries, arteries, and veins
All I’m saying is circulation is the name of the game

Verse I
Now let me start from the heart, ’cause that seems smart
It’s not hard to see that it’s the most important part
The first step is to gather up oxygen
Sends blood to the lungs, back to the heart again

Next up, we’ll talk about the arteries
They take blood from the heart to where it’s gotta be
The biggest artery, the main transporter
Right next to the heart, it’s called the aorta


Verse II
From the arteries into the capillaries
All your organs and muscles become the beneficiaries
Of all the oxygen and nutrients they bring through
Very tiny vessels inside the body tissue

And now the oxygen’s gone
But first we have some carbon dioxide waste to take on
Then it’s into the veins, and back to the heart again
And let the whole cycle start again

Circulatory System
Good site for younger students. Colorful, easy to understand illustrations and information.
Grades 2-5

The Franklin Institute
The Human Heart
With excellent pictures and diagrams explaining the heart and the circulatory system, this information-packed site is definitely worth a visit! Good for all.
Grades K-12

NOVA Online
Amazing Heart Facts
This website provides students with exciting trivia about the heart.
Grades 4-12

Red Gold: The Epic Story of Blood
This is a detailed account of blood and its course throughout the human body. Excellent and thorough.
Grades 6-12

Indianapolis Public Library
The Circulatory System
This unlikely source has posted a very well-organized site an easy to read illustration and proper labeling of all the major arteries and veins. Lots of additional resource links and good books are listed. Excellent for middle and high school students.
Grades 6-8, 9-10

Lesson Plans & Activities

The Franklin Institute
The Human Heart
This website provides several ideas for classroom activities involving the human heart and its functions. Excellent site for all grades.
Grades 1-12

NASA Quest
A Circulatory System Relay
This activity involves setting up an actual relay course for students to participate in with the goal of better understanding the circulatory system. A fun activity and one that provides visual and physical understanding of how blood travels through the body. A good activity that would involve the whole class working together.
Grades 5-9

Circulatory System
This site features a message board where teachers submit circulatory system lesson plans and activities. Some good ideas that worked!
Grades 3-8


The Heart
A short (less than 5 minutes) excellent video with voiceover and text under, give a clear explanation of where blood travels within the system and the role that the heart plays in pumping the blood. Good for all grades.
Grades 2-12

How Stuff
Blood and Capillaries
There are several excellent short videos on this site, however, there are also a couple of 30-second non-objectionable-content ads that start a couple of them. Worth it for the material.
Grades 4-12

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