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Lab Safety!

Teaching lab safety with educational music.

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“Lab Safety!” teaches laboratory safety rules and regulations, and how to avoid lab dangers. The song is useful for lessons in lab safety procedures, including safety training, lab supplies, chemicals, Bunsen burners, goggles, and proper shoes. Additional resources and materials include lab safety guides and worksheets, which help scientists, teachers, students and parents with more information and teaching ideas. Students will become aware of dangers in the lab how to work safely in laboratory environments.

This song is suitable for advanced elementary school, middle school, high school, and college students.
Wait, you’ve gotta make sure that your lab is safe
Before you make a measurement, scope out the space
Got your gloves pulled up, got your goggles on
Don’t want to be another lab experiment gone wrong

Go with goggles, go with the gloves!
Go without food, and spit out your gum!
Go safe! Go safe! And get into it
Go safe scientists, no accidents!

Verse I
You know the science lab can be a pretty dangerous place
You gotta wear safety goggles to protect your face
And just in case you still end up with stuff in your eye
You should know how to find the eyewash nearby

And as a matter of fact, know where the exits are too
‘Cause if a fire starts, you better know what to do
And you don’t have to be a hero, try to break the mold
Be sure to follow all directions and just do as you’re told

It reminds me of this time I was sitting in lab
Trying to work through the experiment and give it a stab
When my partner started grabbing chemicals from the shelves
Started mixing up some liquids with unusual smells

Before he could stop, it began to bubble up
In a couple of seconds he was in deep, deep trouble
So maybe mixing crazy potions didn’t go as he’d planned
He didn’t follow the directions and he burned his hand (ouch!)


Verse II
It’s lab time and you’re ballin’, on top of things
Hypothesis made the call on what you want to see
But hold up, because it looks like you forgot some things
Before you pour, let me know what’s wrong with this scene

Your eyes are wide open to take in results
Or get blinded by all kinds of chemicals
They could splash up and mess up your complexion
So keep it hot, yo, and don those goggles

The same goes for your fingers, your hair, and your toes
No flip-flops, your kicks should have the tips closed
Your fingers should slip through the wrists of some gloves
No acid contamination on your palms

And your nose, you’ve gotta steer clear of the chemicals
Or they’ll burn your nostrils (and you kind of want those!)

Protect it, don’t smell it, just waft with me, waft with me
Don’t need no medics, just waft with me, waft with me
Hands over the flask, your nose hanging back
Keep your nostrils intact, just waft with me, waft with me


Verse III
Hey, I think I really like this lab stuff
I’m gonna do it again tomorrow ’cause I can’t get enough
Of safely making crazy things happen, it’s fun
It’s amazing, I’ve seen the reactions, I’m done

You’re almost done man, can you tell me your plan
For what to do with all that toxic waste in your hand?
I just heard the bell ring, I’ve gotta think quick
I think I’ll wash it down the sink

Whoa, whoa, whoa
Hold on, bro, how do you know where that goes?
By tomorrow the sink will be starting to glow
Put the waste in the designated receptacle
And clean your station off before you take off, yo

“Put the caps on the bottles?”
Yeah, that’s right.

“Wipe the tabletop off?”
Yeah, that’s right.

“Run the flask under water?”
Yeah, that’s right.

You cleaned up real nice, see, and nobody died


Lab Safety Supply
Resource Center
In addition to selling materials that promote lab safety, this site features links to resource centers in case of accidents or further safety questions. Very useful for information on specific topics or for lab safety supplies. Good resource for teachers.

The Laboratory Safety Institute
The Laboratory Safety Institute
This site features training programs, consultation services, publications, an audio-visual lending library, products, video rental, education resources links to other sites, news and much more. Good resource for teachers

Teaching Today
How to Manage a Science Lab
This site gives teachers a detailed guide how to manage their science lab classrooms. Site also provides excellent teaching strategies for all grades in science and includes a special section for teachers of ELL students. Excellent resource for teachers.

Love to Know
Lab Safety Symbols
This site is a slide show with pictures of all of the lab safety symbols. Very useful in a middle school or high school lab. Also very good for ELL students.
Grades 3-12.

Lesson Plans & Activities
Lab safety Quiz
A fairly basic information quiz for younger students, this can be very useful for review or discussion. Easy and nicely done.
Grades 3-6

Biology Corner
Lab Safety
This site has an illustration of students in a chemistry lab, and asks students to answer questions about what they see. Easier to work on if you make hard copies.
Grades 4-8

Glencoe Online
Lab Safety Worksheet
Before labs, students should fill out this worksheet, outlining their safety concerns and pre-lab rituals. Useful for older students and good for starting discussion.
Grades 6-12

Science Spot
Science Safety Rules
Students are asked to read an excerpt about the Bikini Bottom Gang in the science lab, and then point out what mistakes were made by the gang. The worksheet also features a list of the science safety rules, and notes to the teacher. A useful exercise.
Grades 4-8

We The Teachers
Tools of Science (Presentation)
This MS Powerpoint presentation illustrates lab tools, which teachers can use as visuals as discussing safety rules. Or teachers can use this as a guide for making their own presentations. Requires registration and log in, but it is free. Good resource for teachers.

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