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Meters, Liters, and Grams

An engaging rap song for teaching the metric system to students. Includes fun worksheets and multiple versions of the song to assist with scaffolding.

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This song teaches the metric system of measurement including the measurement conversion of centimeters to meters to kilometers, as well as liters to milileters and grams to kilograms. It also references everyday items such as a soda bottle, mile, rice, and a paperclip to increase understanding. The teaching materials including worksheets, activities and games, are resources for teachers and homeschool parents to create lesson plans for the song topic. Students will understand the metric system of measure and how to convert larger or smaller units.

This math song is suitable for teaching the metric system to elementary school (4th grade, 5th grade and 6th grade), middle school, high school, and home school students as well as beginning level college classes.
Meters, liters, and grams
Now you don’t have to cram for your exam
On the metric system

Verse I
Let me start with ways you can measure a distance, length, or height
Mad tall or super small, one of these will do you right
If you try walking a meter, it’s easy to complete
Because a meter’s just a little bit more than 3 feet
But if you’re walking a kilometer it’s gonna take a while
It’s 1000 meters, that’s over half a mile!
A centimeter’s dinky, the width of your pinky
100 of them go into a meter, you still with me?
There’s another kind of meter smaller than that
It’s not very fat, it’s called a millimeter in fact, and it’s tiny
1000 of them in a meter fit
That’s 10 in a centimeter, and that’s it!


Verse II
Now we’re moving on to the liters, measuring liquids in containers
We’ve only got 2, it won’t take long to explain this
A liter, it’s half a big bottle of soda pop
And a milliliter, it’s just about 20 drops
There’s 1000 milliliters in a liter you know
So if you got both of those you’re good to go
Now we can move on to the grams, measuring weight
Kilograms, milligrams, yeah we’re keeping them straight
It’s pretty simple. A paper clip weighs about a gram
A big textbook is a kilogram, man, but
A milligram, that’s a little harder to slice
Because 10 milligrams is about a grain of rice
1000 milligrams, is a gram
1000 grams in a kilogram
Now we got grams and we also got liters
Put ‘em all together with the meters


Math Chart: Metric Conversions (PDF)
This table features measurement conversions from U.S. to Metric, and Metric to U.S. Useful for classroom or individual study.
Grades 4-8
Conversion Tables
This website will help students with any conversions they need to make.
Grades 4-8

Math Is Fun
Measuring Metrically with Maggie
This website directs students through the basics of using the metric system. Colorful and easy to navigate, this is a great place for younger students or as an introductory lesson.
Grades 2-6

Lesson Plans & Activities

The Science Spot
Metric Mania
Wow! It doesn’t get any better than this for resources, links, games, puzzles, worksheets, charts and anything else you want or need to teach metrics. There are also some good exercises and a power point comparing metric to US standard measuring. Something for everyone on this site.
Grades 2-12

Metric Conversion
By taking actual measurements of various objects, students learn how to convert Metric into U.S.
Grades 3-8

Columbia Education Center
Metric Equivalents
Students will use a shortcut method to change one metric unit to another by using a diagram.
Grades 3-8

Discovery Education
A Metric World
This lesson plan teaches students how to convert metric measurements into the standard system, and challenges students to think about how measurements are used in our daily lives. A good activity that can be done as a class or in small groups.
Grades 6-8

Math Forum
Metric Conversions
This board game enables students to practice converting one unit of metric length to another unit of metric length and to interpret metric abbreviations. A good class activity.
Grades 5-8

Measuring Game
This fun game tests students’ knowledge of both metric and standard systems. It is a timed quiz and great fun for a class, buddies or individuals to play. Good information, requiring some knowledge.
Grades 5-10

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