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Redcoats vs. Rebels

An educational rap song about Paul Revere, George Washington, and the American Revolution.

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This song highlights conflicts, events and major battles of the American Revolution. It includes facts about the 13 Colonies, the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, George Washington and Paul Revere. Included are the battles of Bunker Hill, Lexington and Concord, Valley Forge and Yorktown. By listening to this song, students will have a better understanding of the battles, generals, and important dates of the Revolutionary War. The teaching materials, including videos, lesson plans, worksheets, and activities help teachers and homeschool parents generate teaching ideas for the song topics. Students will become more familiar with the events of the American Revolution.

This social studies song is suitable for introducing the Revolutionary War to elementary school (4th grade, 5th grade and 6th grade), middle school, high school, home school, and college classes.
Redcoats versus rebels
In churches and meadows the battles raged like wildfire
Nobody fire till you see the whites of their eyes
It was a fight to survive starting 1775

Verse I
Let’s take a look at how this war began
A war for independence in a foreign land
We were 13 colonies back then my friend
America was little more than just an idea in the minds of many
The signs were plenty
Independence in the air and the time was ready
They threw tea in the harbor, the climb was steady
Increasing towards a conflict between the King and the people
Who didn’t feel equal
No representation to speak through
This is when things came to a peak
No king came to speak and the taxes kept coming
Redcoats kept shooting, people kept running steadily
The Boston massacre was March 5, 1770
A date for you to remember
Five years later it was war in Lexington Center
The king’s men never saw Paul Revere enter

Verse II
April 18, 1775
The British planned to steal Rebel supplies
From Lexington and Concord
Leave the colonies conquered
But Paul Revere got word and told all of his soldiers
So it was war now; when the redcoats arrived
There were 77 rebels there waiting to die for their freedom
They vanquished the king’s men
Turned them back to Boston with a spanking in the blink of an eye
Nobody fired till they saw it
Moved accordingly in Bunker Hill
The colonies lost but never forfeited
George Washington, the general, had tricks up his sleeve
And pulled them out two days after Christmas Eve
In Delaware the redcoats no telling where he was
on the River; He won the battle of Trenton
The year was 1776
In 1777 they raised the stakes…

Verse III
The British won in Germantown, the colonies in Saratoga
They formed alliances with France and Spain
And camped out at Valley Forge in the winter 1777
By no means this war was over
September the destiny of the colonies was coming together
When the French defeated the British at the battle of Chesapeake
October 19, 1781
Was when the war was won
General Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown
Underneath the Virginia sun
The British left and independence belonged to the colonies
That’s why I’m here to write this song, too
April 15, 1783 the Second Treaty of Paris
Was formed to oversee how America would be created overseas
From south of Canada to north of Florida
They declared this land America

Revolutionary Period (1764-1789)
Reading only, this site provides links to a wide variety of topics related to the Revolutionary Period. Good for reports and extra credit assignments.
Liberty! The American Revolution
There is a lot of excellent information and a game to play on this easy to navigate and attractive site. Excellent for individual or group study.

Military Perspectives
Pictures and text detail the differences between British and American soldiers’ uniforms, gear, weaponry, and social status.

Timeline of the Revolution
A detailed timeline of the American Revolution from 1760-1791.

Chronicle of the Revolution
Very comprehensive. The site provides a link to each city and an in-depth summary of the events that happened in the city that are significant to the Revolutionary War.
Virtual Marching Tour of the American Revolution
Photographs and detailed information from major battles in the Revolutionary War.

Lesson Plans & Activities
American Revolution Games
Has lesson plans for 6-12 on American Revolution. Excellent site for games, lesson plans and other helpful ideas.
American Revolution Theme Unit
Fee-based subscription. Comprehensive American Revolution website including quizzes, maps, reading comprehension, biographies and much more for many grades.

The American Revolution
Though a little confusing to navigate, Education World has links to other resources for the American Revolution and classroom activities including charades and rebus puzzles.
Loyalty or Liberty?
A role-playing adventure. Students play the part of a slave who must choose to side with the British Loyalists or the Patriots. Interesting and unusual. Good classroom discussion material! (Video)
Factors that Handicapped the British
This lesson plan recommends watching the fourth episode of “Liberty!” The material analyzes which factors led to American victory over the British.

The Reluctant Revolutionaries
This lesson plan recommends watching the first and second episodes of “Liberty!” and reading Thomas Paine’s Common Sense. The goal is to help students realize the tough decision-making process colonists were faced with before the war.

Revolutionary War Music (songs)
This lesson plan investigates some of the famous songs of the Revolutionary War period and examines how music helped convey messages of patriotism and popular sentiments.

American Revolution (video) (subscription and log-in required)
Tim and Moby teach students the basics of the Revolutionary War.
Rebels and Redcoats & An Army of Amateurs - The Revolutionary War 5 Pack
The war for American independence began almost by accident, when a single, unidentified shot rang out at Lexington. Examine the decade of conflict that sparked rebellion, as well as the Continental Congress’ decision to hire a
physically imposing Virginia aristocrat to lead its army.
The Revolutionary War (video)
Charles Kuralt hosts a searing portrait of the struggle from the first rebellion of the farmers against the redcoats to the final victory at Yorktown.
LIBERTY! The American Revolution (video series) (check listings for viewing times)
A six-part series of one-hour documentaries describes how the American Revolution evolved and how a new nation was born in the aftermath of the Revolutionary War.

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