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Sun, Earth, Moon

Teaching the “Sun, Earth, Moon" with educational music: a rap song for learning about the earth’s place in our solar system.

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"Sun, Earth, Moon" describes the earth and its planetary orbit. With key concepts such as the earth’s tilt, tides, and earth’s rotation and orbit around the sun, this solar system song introduces students to the study of outer space. The teaching materials, including worksheets and online resources, help scientists, teachers, and homeschool parents create lesson plans for the song topics. Students will be better able to describe the relationship between the sun, earth, and moon.

This science song is suitable for introducing the earth’s place in the solar system to elementary school (3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, and 6th grade), middle school, high school and home school students.
Verse I
We've just begun so far, with the strum of guitar
So let me set it off and tell you that the sun is a star
In the center of the Solar System filling the void
Along with comets and the planets and the asteroids
And meteoroids, and dust, but remember this fact
And if you do you'll be heading to the head of the class

In fact, the sun makes up almost all of the weight
Of our solar system: it's 99.8% of it all
That means it's one heck of a ball
The energy of the sun is supporting us all
Important to call it by its right name, you know what it is
Energy from sunlight through photosynthesis
It benefits the flowers to get the sun's power

The Earth rotates once over 24 hours
Now it's better to remember it's the length of a day so it
Doesn't matter if it's December or May
It's still the same. So don't be fooled in school like a dunce
ʻCause one year it takes earth to spin around the sun once
12 months to orbit, one way around
It takes 365 days they found

So now you're primed, these numbers you'll remember in rhyme
The earth's tilted on its side, 23.5 degrees
Like a G, you wanna lean in the ride
And it's for this very reason we get seasons and tides

We have the sun, the earth, and the moon
Spinning around the other, with gravity too
The moon around the earth, the earth around the sun
Giving us the reason for seasons for everyone

Verse II
Back so soon, I'm bringing a few facts about the moon
How it provides the ocean tides and stabilizes the room
But actually dude, though true, what is actually felt:
The moon stabilizes the whole axial tilt

So fasten your belt, ʻcause if you come along for the ride
You could fall or rise, like the level of tide
Forever you'll find that the moon and the earth are related,
Fatal like attraction as the tides created

The size is spacious, our moon's sort of large with girth
But its diameter is only about a quarter of earth's
For what that it's worth, it's earth's only satellite known
Largest moon in the solar system spinning around its globe

And it's been shown the moon affected our sphere
And may have helped develop life through our temperature here
So now that we're clear about the earth, the moon, and the sun
Y'all repeat the hook, ʻcause this tune is done

We have the sun, the earth, and the moon
Spinning around the other, with gravity too
The moon around the earth, the earth around the sun
Giving us the reason for seasons for everyone


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This page provides an incredible wealth of resources for all life and earth sciences. The site overall provides links to other sites for all major subject areas for grades K-12.
Grades K-12

Kid’s Astronomy
Interactive Solar System
This site provides information about the solar system, including earth and its moon, and comets and asteroids. Easy to navigate.
Grades 2-5

Sun for Kids
This site gives an overview of the sun, plus ten interesting pieces of sun trivia.
Grades 4-12

Sun as a Star
Also a great site, interesting facts about our sun are offered as well as excellent pictures.
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Nine Planets
Our Moon
This website provides fascinating trivia about earth’s moon. Good introduction to study of the moon.
Grades 4-9

Lesson Plans & Activities

Amazing Space
Sun and Planets
This site has a Solar System Trading Cards game that identifies sun, planets, comets and asteroids. Excellent pictures of planets as well. Student should be familiar with planets before attempting this game.
Grades 3-6

Earth from Space
This collection of official NASA photos features the shots taken by astronauts from outer space. Cool site to explore and try to find your location.
Grades 3-12

Sun-Earth Day
This website contains several links to activities and lesson plans about the relationship between the sun and the earth. This site offers many activities and projects in Spanish as well as English for multiple grade levels. Excellent resource.
Grades K-5, 6-8, 9-12

Windows to the Universe
Our Moon
An excellent site with good information and links to additional information about the moon, the site offers Spanish and English in beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Links at the bottom of the page take you to games, lessons and projects.
Grades K-5, 6-8, 9-12

Science NetLinks
Lunar Explorer
This activity helps students plan a trip to the moon.
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Stanford Solar Center
Lesson Plans
This site offers a wide variety of classroom activities about the sun.
Grades 4-12

Universe Today
Moon for Kids
This site has an excellent photo/picture of the phases of the moon that is easy to understand. Also it explains how to have students create “Moon Journals.”
Grades 4-9


Passport to Knowledge (P2K)
TakeAim at Climate Change
This clever music video produced by RRR and Polar Palooza for P2K addresses issues concerning global warming with catchy informative lyrics and National Geographic film footage of Antarctica. Site also has printed lyrics, downloads and good information. Unique and a great way to start any study of earth science. Suitable for all grades.
Grades 1-12

KidsKnowIt Network
Why Does the Sun Shine (song)
This simple song pronounces the importance of the sun.
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