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The Planets

An educational song full of facts and rhymes about the planets and the solar system.

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This song for teaching the planets introduces basic information about the eight planets in our solar system. This song’s educational lyrics contain solar system facts including physical characteristics, relationship to the Sun, and unique details of each planet, including planet Earth. This song for teaching the planetary system portrays the Sun as the principal speaker who describes the surrounding planets. The accompanying classroom materials include puzzles, printable solar system worksheets, diagrams, activities, and online resources that enhance the song and offer additional opportunities for learning.

The song is an excellent introduction to the planets and solar system for elementary school students (grade 4, grade 5), middle school students (grade 6, grade 7, grade 8), and high school students.
Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars
Inner-planet swagger and I shine so far
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
All my planets love me ‘cause I’m their biggest star

I'm burning so bright I get a rise out of mercury
Planet number one and I call that thing Mercury
Super-small rock and the atmosphere is no
And it's spinning super-slow and I heat it with my glow

I'm way beyond the B-list, my second fan is Venus
Opaque planet orbiting, so hot you gotta feel this
trapping all my heat in its super-dense atmosphere
Acid clouds raining down, earth people get out of here

Third planet out and I call that Earth
If you see me in the sky then you call that yours
Just right for the oceans, trees, and the birds
You won't get froze and you won't get burnt

On to the fourth, still see me shining
Next one's Mars, just like red diamonds
I say get a life, cause there's nothing thriving
Dirt and ice as it circles around me

Got those first four planets, those are the terrestrials
And I keep shining, 'cause I am a professional
I'm a star, VIP, yes sir I am the brightest thing
Gravitas, gravity, no privacy, they follow me

Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars
Inner-planet swagger and I shine so far
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
All my planets love me ‘cause I'm their biggest star

Spitting so much fire that I reach the outer limits, man
I call them gas giants, though they're far they are my biggest fans
Giant red and white ball, Jupiter is number five
That's my fan club 'cause it's got more mass, than two and a half times
the other planets combined

Number six is Saturn, like my hands it's got rings
I attract it with my gravity and shine like bling
and it's spinning all around me like i got it on a string
I make all eight planets do the same ol’ thing

Center of attention, the sun is so famous
Planet number seven, I call that one Uranus
super icy light blue, ammonia, methane
And it's cold like brr and it's got a funny name

Eighth, Neptune is far away, and its orbit's long but it follows me
And it looks deep blue and it's so icy but my light still reaches and
gives it heat
Got four rock planets, four gas giants orbit around me while I'm shining
They can't get enough of me 'cause I'm so bright I'm almost blinding

Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars
Inner-planet swagger in my solar-powered car
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
All my planets love me ‘cause I'm their biggest star

(Spoken Bridge)
After four and a half billion years, I got eight big reasons to keep burning bright, but I’ve got to thank the little people.
To all you planetesimals and protoplanets fighting violence and collision, grab an orbit, keep growing big. I think you’re gonna make it baby, you’re
gonna be a planet.
Though there are many excellent resources online, we chose these because of their excellence and lack of advertisements or other screen distractions. The information on these sites is open source and free.

Solar System
"Solar System 101" video is an excellent introduction to the study of the planets. Has interesting info about the Earth’s moon as well.
Grades 4 and up

NASA’s comprehensive overview of the planets. "Solar System Scoreboard" allows students to compare planets in terms of size, composition, year of discovery, etc.
Grade 7 and up

Kids Astronomy
This "space dictionary" covers essential space terms in user-friendly language. Some unfamiliar terms, but useful vocabulary enrichment!
Grades 4-8

Discovery Education
A good glossary, particularly for younger students. Presents key terms in clear language.
Grades 3-6

National Geographic
A comprehensive and well-laid out overview of space with a link to specific information. Excellent visuals and diagrams, well-done photographs, and links to other relevant topics.
Grades 3-8

This site has some excellent introductory information on each of the planets, observing from urban skies, and an introduction to the sky and astronomy myths.
Grades 4-9

Morehead Planetarium
An excellent resource for students of all ages; includes recommendations of relevant books, and links to websites, key vocabulary.
High Quality lesson links for teachers.

Space Photos
Excellent photographs of the planets, their satellites, and our solar system; an incredible catalogue.
Excellent for all ages

Puzzles and factoids abound! Another great NASA resource.
Grades 3-8

NASA/Kids.Solar System
This excellent site produced by NASA includes additional links to other kid-oriented NASA websites. Games for younger children and more advanced sites for older students.
Grades 3-10

NASA/StarChild Game
A ‘relative’ of the NASA sites, this site is devoted to games. A fun site for younger students.
Grades 3-5

Windows Universe (NESTA)
This National Earth Science Teachers Association site has good games for older students.
Grades 6-9

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