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The Rest of the Amendments (11-27)

An educational rap song that presents the Amendments concerning slavery, women’s rights, income tax and more.

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This song introduces Amendments 11-27 of the United States Constitution. It includes the Civil War amendments, including 13th amendment's abolition of slavery, as well as the 19th amendment granting women's rights (women's suffrage). It describes the 18th amendment (the prohibition mandate) and its repeal (Amendment 21), and the income tax to fund government expenses. The teaching materials, including videos, lesson plans, worksheets, and activities help teachers and homeschool parents create lesson plans for the song topics. Students will better understand the Constitutional Amendments 11-27.

This social studies song is suitable for introducing Amendments 11-27 to elementary school (4th grade, 5th grade and 6th grade), middle school, high school, home school, and college classes.
Start with 11, go on to 27!
Going step by step with the rest of the Amendments
Start with 11, go on to 27!
It’s Rhythm, Rhyme, Results, we can help you comprehend this

Verse I
The 11th Amendment says that
Citizens can’t use the federal court to sue states
Amendment Number 12 says the VP gets elected separately
It’s not just the guy in second place

Slavery got struck down by 13
Civil War threatened national progress
And then Amendment 14: people born here are citizens
You can’t take their rights without due process


Verse II
The 15th Amendment says your color or race
Can’t be used to deny your right to vote
And then Amendment 16 approves the income tax
So the federal ship can stay afloat

Amendment 17 says the Senators get elected directly
Not just appointed by their state
And then Amendment Number 18, no more alcohol!
It’s the prohibition mandate.


Verse III
Amendment Number 19, finally, women can vote
In all elections, to make their voices heard
Amendment Number 20 says the president starts work on the 20th of January
Congress on the 3rd

Amendment 21 repeals Amendment 18
So now prohibition is revoked
Amendment 22 limits the president to two terms
And 23 says Washingtonians can vote


Vote IV
Amendment Number 24 forbids a poll tax
It says to vote you shouldn’t have to pay
Amendment 25 sets a line of succession
for when Presidents resign or pass away

With Amendment 26, the right to vote
Upon 18-year-olds was confirmed
Amendment 27 says when Congress changes their pay
It won’t take effect until the next term

Constitution of the United States: Amendments 11-27
This is a full transcript of Amendments 11-27 with notes on changes.
Has good reading list on Amendments and related subjects
This is a content-rich site for many topics including an excellent copy of Amendments 11-27. Informative and easy to navigate, this site is useful for many topics related to American history and government.
Amendments 11-27
Excellent explanations of all of the amendments plus an ability to download and print in other languages. Interactive

Lesson Plans & Activities
Create a New Amendment
A lesson plan that has students propose new amendments based on what they think our Constitution lacks.

Amendments Game
A scramble game that can be printed for classroom use. Amendments 11-27 are tested.
Bill of Rights (video) (subscription and log-in required)
Tim and Moby teach students why the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution, why some states wouldn’t approve the Constitution immediately, and who wrote the amendments. The video also covers who deals with interpreting gray areas in the law and what kind of amendments have been passed beyond the original ten.

Women’s Suffrage (video)
Tim and Moby teach students about the struggle for women’s voting rights. It explains why women started pressing for the vote during the 19th century, and what people were doing in various countries around the world.

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