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Verb Tenses

An engaging rap song for teaching verb tenses, with basic grammar and usage, to students. Includes fun worksheets and multiple versions of the song to assist with scaffolding.

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The song is useful for teaching basic grammar, including past, present, and future tenses, as well as the simple, perfect, and progressive form of tenses. The additional resources, materials and grammar exercises assist teachers, students and parents by providing innovative teaching ideas for the song topics. Students will achieve a better understanding of verb tenses and basic grammar.

This song is suitable for teaching verb tenses to elementary school, middle school, and high school students.
Do it, I’m doing it, I have done it
Past, present, and future, without it I’m done with
Sit back as RRR presents
This knowledge which could be common sense
It’s verb tenses!

Verse I
You use it all the time and probably do not realize
So here we go let’s unfold It right before your eyes
The suspense and mystery of verb tense
Might seem overwhelming until we make sense of it
But once we do you’re going to love it!
You’ll be running around, trying it out in public
It’s not that hard, there are just some things you got to know
Like when to use what tense, so here we go

With no delay, no more further ado
I proudly present to you verb tenses
Through a series of sentences
That’ll help you run through what the business is
And then you’ll learn it with the quickness
So just hold on to your britches!
‘Cause we’re about to get in it, get with it
We’re going to begin with the simplest, come on!


Verse II
We’re going to discuss three forms of tenses
That enable you to construct unlimited sentences
Simple, perfect, progressive, and then we’re done
So let’s begin the lesson and have some fun
I ran, I run, and I will run around a city block
But if I don’t have the proper tense, I’ll never stop

So if I ran yesterday, that’s simple
And if I run on Monday, that’s simple
If I will run on Sunday, then that’s simple
The past, present, and future tense with simple
Verb tense, and now
Since we get that let’s jump that fence
To the next form that we’ll do
The perfect tense is number two
And it’s just as easy as the first one
So let’s continue on until we’re done


Verse III
In the perfect tense, you must add
One of these words: has, have, or had
Like, “Before last month, I had rapped.”
That’s an example of a perfect past tense
“And I have rapped everyday since.”
That’s present perfect, it’s happening, hence:
“I will have rapped” and that’s future
So now we move on to progressive, straight like a ruler

And now everybody can follow me
And all you really need Is an “-ing”
See, that’s at the end of a verb
The action is continuous if that’s what’s heard
And if I was running, that’s progressive past
But since I am running You do the math!
And without you I’ll be running till I just fall out
But you know your verb tenses, so you can call out,



The OWL at Purdue
Verb Tenses
This site reviews verb tenses in great detail, using examples to illustrate the key points. Easy to understand.
Grades 3-10

Lesson Plans & Activities

BrainPOP Jr.
Tenses: Background Information and Activities
This site has several ideas for classroom activities about verb tenses. Login and subscription are required for the video, but good ideas for lessons are free.
Grades 2-6

Hot Chalk’s Lesson Plans Page
Verbs and Their Tenses
This lesson teaches students to identify and conjugate verbs. It works well in conjunction with another language class that is going over verb conjugation. Even though it indicates it is for grades 7-9, it can be used with younger students.
Grades 3-9

Lesson Tutor
Verb Tense and Conjugation
This site gives several examples of how to conjugate verbs into different tenses, and then has an activity for students to fill in verbs on their own. It is intended for grade 5, but because sources are limited on this topic, other grades can be added.
Grades 5-8

A4ESL. org
Verbs for ESL Learners
This site offers basic grammar and activities for students acquiring English. They have bilingual pages as well in many languages. Good basic material with crossword puzzles and visual games as well.
Grades 2-12 (depending on language proficiency)
toobee or nottobee
This site offers games and activities for younger students. Animation is clever and games are simple to understand. Deals well with verb tenses.
Grades 2-5
Though intended for non-native English speakers, this site would be good for many classes and grades. It suggests students be partners with one asking and the other answering questions using verb tenses. Has various levels of difficulty. A useful site using cooperative learning.
Grades 3-9

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