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Water Cycle

Use educational music to teach about the water cycle and how it works. Learn about rain and the hydrologic cycle.

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“Water Cycle” teaches the water cycle (aka hydrologic cycle) using an overview as well as specific definitions of key terms, including precipitation, condensation, evaporation, transpiration, evapotranspiration, advection, and runoff. The teaching materials, including worksheets and online resources, help scientists, teachers, and homeschool parents create lesson plans for the song topic. Students will understand how the water cycle works.

This science song is suitable for teaching the water cycle to advanced elementary school students (5th grade and 6th grade), middle school, high school, home school, and college classes.
(I rise to the sky from the sea below…)
(Then down to the ground as rain or snow…)

Verse I
I represent the movement of water—that’s my purpose
Whether on, above, or below the earth’s surface
In a continuous cycle, my work’s never done
’Cause I’m driven by energy from the sun

I travel through the sea, through the air, through the ground
You could say that water really gets around
But in fact most water’s just chillin’ in the oceans
Only a small fraction is really in motion at any given time

But yo—that’s the way it goes
When we’re studying the voyages of H2O
In the cycle water changes states at various places
The three states being ice, liquid, and water vapor

But this cycle strays from the norm
‘Cause through the process, water still keeps the same structural form
While other cycles involve chemical change
Water may change states, but its structure stays the same

I rise to the sky from the sea below
Then down to the ground as rain or snow
I keep it moving, moving, ’cause I’m the water cycle
Moving, moving, ’cause I’m the water cycle

Verse II
So when water transforms from liquid to gas
And rises up into the atmosphere, that’s evaporation
A process made possible by energy from the sun
Also known as solar radiation

And when this water vapor in the sky reforms
Into liquid water droplets, that’s condensation
And when this water falls back down to the earth
As rain, snow, hail, or sleet, that’s precipitation

But plants have their own type of evaporation
Through their stomata, which is called transpiration
So collectively the term used for transpiration
Plus all other evaporation is evapotranspiration

Two more terms to add to your collection:
The movement of water through the air is advection
And speaking of keeping it moving, understand
That runoff is water flowing across the land



NASA Science
Water Cycle
Using several diagrams and text, this website describes the water cycle in full.
Grades 5-8

United States Geological Survey
The Water Cycle
Using a diagram and definitions, this website explains the water cycle in great detail. You can follow a drop of water through the entire cycle. Available in many languages including Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese and others.
Grades 3-12

Lesson Plans & Activities

The Water Cycle
A worksheet that asks students to define the water cycle and then draw a diagram or picture of it. Very useful for students with limited English or reading comprehension.
Grades: all

The Water Cycle
This worksheet is a reading comprehension quiz about the water cycle. Can be used with the previous Water Cycle diagram/picture activity or as a separate activity for students who prefer writing to drawing.
Grades: all

American Water Works Association
What is the Water Cycle?
In addition to providing a detailed summary of the water cycle, this website also has a multiple choice game.
Grades 3-5

Can Teach
Measuring Rain with a Rain Catcher
This activity asks students to measure the rainfall at their home or school. They can then use this data to better understand the water cycle.
Grades 4-8

Earth Guide
Water Cycle Quiz
This website features a multi-choice quiz on the water cycle.
Grades 3-5

Science NetLinks
Models of the Water Cycle
This site features multiple activities, all geared at having students better understand the processes involved in the water cycle. Though the site says the activities are for Grades 6-8, younger students will benefit.
Grades 4-6, 6-8

The University of Washington
The Water Cycle
This website features a diagram of the water cycle, plus several activities to help better understand the process. There is a Teacher’s Resource page as well.
Grades 4-9

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