RRR.fm On-Demand Streaming Audio

RRR.fm is a streaming music service built with teachers in mind. It is much less expensive than buying CDs and downloads, provides 24/7 access for teachers and students from any computer, and eliminates the hassle of downloads on school computer. Best of all, all new music added to the system is at no additional charge and will appear immediately. The system contains every song produced in multiple versions (original, downtempo, recall, and instrumental), plus lyrics, custom-made worksheets, and related resources elsewhere online.

The Perfect Solution for Teachers and Parents


  • Unlimited access to our entire song library from any computer, any time.
  • Every song in multiple versions; lyrics; and custom-made worksheets, games and puzzles.
  • Complete access for teachers and students.
  • No student accounts to worry about. Smart, simple login system lets teachers create playlists for their students.
  • Less expensive than downloads and CDs. Starts at $2.99/month.