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Rise Up (Run Out)

A rap song for teaching linear equations and graphing: teach slopes and intercepts with hip-hop music.

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This song teaches the elements needed to graph functions, including the quadrants on a coordinate plane, the equation of a line, and how to find the slope and intercept of a line. "Rise Up (Run Out)" includes a real-life example explaining how to solve problems using a graph and the Cartesian coordinate system. The teaching materials, including worksheets, activities and games, help teachers and homeschool parents create lesson plans for the song topic. Students will have a greater understanding of graphs and an increased skill level when graphing linear equations.

This math song is suitable for teaching graphing linear equations to elementary school (4th grade, 5th grade and 6th grade), middle school, high school and home school students, as well as beginning level college classes.
Rise up, run out, we’re mappin’ graphs to the RRR sound
We’re talkin’ points and slopes, axes and origins
y-intercepts, and quadrants, all four of them

Verse I
The four quadrants start from the top right
Counter-clockwise from the positive x and y
You go around, hit the II and then III
Bottom left, negative, remember that please
Now if you’ve got a single point on the x-y grid
There’s a single pair of values telling you where it is
The x coordinate goes side to side
The y follows the comma to define the point’s height

A straight line between two points is a relation
You can represent it with a linear equation
y = m times x + b
If you wanna know the variables listen to me
m is the slope, that’s rise over run
It tells you how steep the line is gonna become
b is the intercept, that’s how you assess
The point at which the line goes through the y-axis


Verse II
Let’s say you’ve got a job and you’re earning your pay
You start with 50 bucks and get 9 every day
If you wanna know over a year how much you’ll get
Calculating that graph might be your best bet
On the x, you’re measuring one day at a time
And your money gets tracked on the vertical y
Now you got some, and you haven’t even worked yet
50 bucks, put it up, that’s your y-intercept

After day one you got 59
Now you got two points, you can start drawing a line
The slope of that line, remember rise over run
It’s dollars over days and you got 9∕1
Remember b, I think that’s where we started at
50 dollars up on your graph, the y-intercept
And you know y = mx + b
So now you got y = 9x + 50

Definition of Linear equation
A clear and full definition and explanation of what a linear equation is and how to create linear equations. An excellent resource for students or teachers.
Grades 5-10

How to Write Linear Equations
This informative site shows you how to write a linear equation given two points using a graph as an illustration and providing step-by-step instructions. Very helpful for classroom or independent study.
Grades 5-10

All of the Math is Fun sites have activities and games as well as excellent definitions. They are for all grades, but beginning levels are emphasized in the explanations and games. Grades 2-5 benefit the most.

Math is Fun
Cartesian Coordinates
This lesson teaches students about quadrants, Cartesian coordinates and the X and Y axis. This really fun site has lots of games and excellent information presented clearly and concisely. Interactive, colorful with excellent visuals. A great place to begin study of graphs.

Equation of a Straight Line
Using examples of graphs, this lesson explains how y = mx + b works. Excellent explanations.

Explore the Properties of a Straight Line Graph
This lesson features a graph that allows students to move the M and B variables so they can better understand how variables affect the overall graph.
Grades 2-7

Lesson Plans & Activities

Department of Mathematics at Rice University
Stressed Out: Slope as Rate of Change
This lesson plan gives students an in-depth look at slopes and graphing. This is a good site for older students or those with some experience with graphs.
Grades 6-9

Education World
Graph Mole
This lesson plan makes use of a fun interactive tutorial and game that shows why coordinates are useful and how they work. Easy to difficult levels of game.
Grades 3-7

Linear Equations Game
This game asks students to practice solving linear equations for one variable. Good for large classes where students can work in pairs.
Grades 6-8

Education World
Play Battleship on Graph Paper
This game gives students practicing in plotting points on a coordinate plane. Adaptable to many grade levels.
Grades 3-5, 6-8

Graphing chameleon
This site is connected to the ‘Play Battleship on Graph Paper’ site, but is worthy of its own site. Excellent definitions and explanations for all grades.
Grades 3-8

Mrs. Gosser’s Math Goodies
Line Graphs
This site has lots of illustrations and problems showing graphing. Excellent source. Clear, easy to understand.
Grades 3-8

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