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Earth Day

Five information-packed songs about the Earth we live on

Contains: 5 songs with 4 versions of each song, lyrics, worksheets, and answer keys in PDF format. $13.99

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The Earth moves, and so can your students! This collection explores the water cycle, layers of the Earth, photosynthesis and more, and was part of our 2009 Parent's Choice Award-winning Science Album. Hear what already has students across the world saying and dancing!
songs in Earth Day

Layers of the Earth

Teach the layers of the Earth with a rap song | Teaching earth science with music.

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Teaching photosynthesis with rap: an educational song about oxygen, carbon dioxide, light and dark (Calvin) cycles.

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Radiation, Conduction, Convection

Teaching heat transfer and conduction with educational music: a rap about solar radiation, convection, and conductivity.

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Sun, Earth, Moon

Teaching the “Sun, Earth, Moon" with educational music: a rap song for learning about the earth’s place in our solar system.

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Water Cycle

Use educational music to teach about the water cycle and how it works. Learn about rain and the hydrologic cycle.

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