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Our US Government

An informative collection of songs about our how our government was created and functions

Contains: 6 songs with 4 versions of each song, lyrics, worksheets, and answer keys in PDF format. $15.99

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This collection of six songs and 107 pages of custom-made worksheets and puzzles guide students through important historical documents and our federal governmentís structure.
Include is the ì44 Presidentsî song, which YouTube featured in slide show form on its homepage on Presidentís Day. This Collection is appropriate for grades 6-12, GED or persons preparing for US citizenship.
songs in Our US Government

44 Presidents

US Presidents: a rap song to learn the 44 presidents in order of succession | view the online RRR video.

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Bill of (Your) Rights

Teach the Bill of Rights with a rap song: educational music about the first Constitutional amendments, free speech and more.

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Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence: a rap song about July 4th (Independence Day) and the founding fathers.

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The President’s Cabinet

An educational rap song about the federal executive departments and Presidential succession.

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The Rest of the Amendments (11-27)

An educational rap song that presents the Amendments concerning slavery, women’s rights, income tax and more.

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What Does the Constitution Do?

What Does the Constitution Do? A rap song for teaching Articles I to VII, the President, Supreme Court, Congress and more.

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